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The advancement in the technology made it possible to complete the difficult task easier with more comfort and efficiency. In those days, it was very hard to carry heavy loads such as groceries, laundry, etc. But now it has come easier to transport the loads effortlessly using On the Edge 900124 Red Folding Utility Wagon with Handle. With this equipment, you can perform all sorts of works which need another hand to perform. The only thing you want to do is to unfold and make it ready to use.

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This folding utility wagon helps you in transporting heavy loads and makes your work much easier. In the airport and shopping mall similar equipment is used to carry the packages. It will be easier and more convenient for you to carry everything. The wagon is manufactured in such a way that it will occupy only a little space when it is stowed down but carry a lot when it is used.

Product Overview:

The red folding utility wagon is not only useful for carrying heavy loads, it also secure your packages. The wagon is designed in such a way that you can take it anywhere as it can be opened and stored very easily. This will also aid you in carrying your groceries without any strain on your back. The wagon is also more appropriate for tailgating events to make it much easier. They are resistant to stain and so the longevity of the wagon is ensured. It can carry a load up to 120 pound so it benefits you in carrying your groceries from mall to car and then from car to house. The harass less storage is also ensured. You can also fold this wagon to less that 10% of its actual size. Thus if you have decided to purchase a folding wagon, On the Edge 900124 Red Folding Utility Wagon with Handle will be the perfect choice. It saves your money, time and effort. A handle is also provided with this wagon, which still ease the transportation of your groceries.

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Product Features:

On the Edge 900124 Red Folding Utility Wagon with Handle has an excellent strong metal frame which is more than six bars at bottom of red wagon. So there is no stress and saggy butts on fabric of this wagon.

There is also a plastic sheet as well as thin foam layer at the bottom of the wagon. They are stitched properly and you can also make your child to be seated. This will be very comfy for your child but if you want to enhance the ease, you can also spread a baby changeable pad at the bottom.
The handle which is attached to the wagon is very strong and lengthy and the grip is also wide and comfortable to hold. Handle is positioned in a perfect spot and so you need not lean to pull or push your wagon.
The wheels are exactly fixed under the bottom of frame. High quality rubbers are used on the wheels which enhances the firm. You can turn the wagon in any direction without complication.
There are 2 small mesh cup holders attached on the outside of the handle which will prevent your child from grabbing your drink.
There is also a small net bag inside to store the kid stuffs as well as sun canopy when it is not used. The big basket is also supported by metal frame on its back.
The sun canopy is very much useful and it can be easily put on or off. You can find a versatile expanding pole on each corner which favors you to pull up. Then you can stretch the tarp above the top. Even a single person can do this easily. The poles also extend in order to keep the canvas pulled taunt. You can also find Velcro strip which comes down from canvas and attached to the red folding wagon preventing from moving anywhere.
The easy folding is favored by little pull strip on inner side at the bottom of the wagon. You can keep wagon in the fold up position with the help of padded cloth handles.

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On the Edge 900124 Red Folding Utility Wagon with Handle is a very important house hold product as it enables everyone to perform the difficult tasks in an easy manner. You can take the wagon outside your home as it can be fold and kept inside your car. You need not seek the help of others in carrying heavy load. As it is made of strong steel body, you can carry up to 120 pounds of weight. The handle helps you in pushing your wagon very easily. With the comfortable wheels, you can turn your wagon to any direction without any difficulty.

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Product Specification:

On the Edge 900124 Red Folding Utility Wagon with Handle is a perfect multifunctional product. Though red folding utility wagon is capable of carrying 120 pounds, it weighs only 27 pounds. This product is pretty light weight. The dimensions are 39 x 24 x 44 inches. The sturdy stainless steel body ensures the longevity of the product. The red color of the wagon is very attractive and has unique features.

Affordable Price Range And Discounts:

Over all, On the Edge 900124 Red Folding Utility Wagon with Handle is really an excellent product through which is used to carry heavy loads easily. You can save your energy and efforts with the help of this wagon. With an affordable investment of $133.50 you can buy this product at amazon. The actual price of the wagon is $191.98. You can get the 30% discount so you can enjoy getting this product at an affordable price of $133.50. This product tends to provide you a number of benefits so this expense will be a useful one.

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Money Back Guarantee:

All On the Edge products are backed up with money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the wagon, you can return the product to the manufacturers within 30 days after purchasing the product.